Local Directories

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Using Local Directories

Local directory advertisements are an outstanding way to attract consumers who are currently shopping and interested in making a purchase right away. Many people who browse local directories are looking for certain goods or services, and when your advertisement is visible to them, customers are drawn to your business.

Priority Placements

With a priority placement, you can pass the competition and put your advertisement in front of other companies. Ask your consultant for detailed information about the benefits of priority advertising services.

Local Advertising Choices

You have a wide variety of options for advertising your company on local directories, and you can employ advertisements that include access to graphic elements, spot colours and other features. Display advertisements are designed to maximise your exposure; they are larger in size, are presented in full gloss colour and include pictures.

Customer Call Tracking

When you use customer call tracking, you can discover the return on your investment by tracking the clients who are attracted by your local directory advertisements.

Local directories allow you to advertise your company to shoppers who are currently searching for the goods and services that you offer. One recent survey shows that more than 80 percent of people turn to the internet or print directory to look for products. Local directories are not only trustworthy but are also an ideal way to create a local presence.

We make it easy to reach customers with a variety of media, and our printed directories let shoppers look for your company by name or by business type. Your company will also be visible to consumers searching the web via our www.superpages.com.au site from their desktop or their mobile device.

Creating a comprehensive marketing campaign with a local directory could increase traffic on your website and expand your market base.