Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

We take the mystery out of search and simply get you found online.

Like most things in life, search engine optimization (SEO) is easy if you have the right foundations, keep it simple, follow the basic rules and adapt when necessary.

Google doesn’t publish the secrets to its algorithms, but it does provide guidance on how to build your online presence to increase your chances of ranking high in organic search.

  1. SPEED. Your site needs to be fast. Think of this as like “first hand up” at school when the teacher asks a question. The faster your site, with the right content, the better.
  2. SECURE. Your site needs to be secure - ensure you have a security certificate for your site to protect your customers (and you).
  3. SEAMLESS Your site needs to display properly on as many devices as possible, with a design and content layout to suit the device.
  4. ACCURATE Your online business information - such as address, phone number, email - needs to be accurate across as many third party sites as possible. Think Google My Business, Bing, Hotfrog, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages. If your information is inconsistent, even if you are found, a prospective client might ring an incorrect number.
  5. REVIEWS AND RATINGS Ensure you have ratings and reviews about your business - whether it is on Google, Facebook or on your own site. Search engines love reviews and people trust them.
  6. SOCIAL SIGNALS Have a social media profile and keep it up to date with fresh content. If you can, produce a blog that provides useful information to prospective clients.

This might sound like a lot, but we can bundle the elements you need into a package you can afford that will deliver results.