Voice Search Optimisation

Voice Search Optimisation

Voice Search is already here and very few businesses are ready.

Yes, Voice is here, however, you don’t need to discard your existing website and start again. What we suggest is to enhance your overall online presence by publishing a VoicePage for your business. A VoicePage complements your overall online advertising presence and has all the major search factors covered in a single page to help a business get found. You can even produce multiple VoicePages to focus on particular products or services.

We’ve boiled it down to the Ten Key “S” Factors that will boost a business SEO and ranking on all devices and voice.

The Ten Key “S” Factors in Voice Search

  1. SPEED – your website or web page must load fast. This is a critical element.
  2. SECURITY – your website or web page must be secure. Ensure it has a green lock.
  3. SEAMLESS – your online presence must be seamless across devices
  4. SCHEMA – instructions hiding in HTML that help search engines understand your business
  5. SPEAKABLE – new coding language from Google that aides voice search
  6. SYNCHRONISE – ensure your business listing information is consistent online
  7. SNIPPETS – up to 30 words that answer questions consumers might use in searches
  8. SOCIAL – a social media presence with plenty of reviews and ratings
  9. SIMPLE – keep content short and simple, while delivering a concise message
  10. STORIES – blogs that answer potential search queries are invaluable for voice
We take care of the first six “foundation” elements of good SEO and we work with you on the remaining four.


VoicePages powered by the patented Moboom Digital Experience Platform (Moboom DXP) deliver pages at lightening speed on any device – literally in milliseconds. The speed of Moboom powered web pages is many times faster than that of any other web platform in the market today, on any device. This gives you a huge advantage. Think of speed as being like the “first hand up” when asked a question in school.


VoicePages are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our VoicePages are AWS secure - you can even add your own domain. As soon as your site is published we attach h a security certificate to the site.


VoicePages work seamlessly across all devices from old feature phones, modern smart phones, PCs and tablets. So while your VoicePage helps you get found by voice command devices, they will also rank well on devices where consumers are typing their search request.


Schema is a global language that helps search engines understand what content is contained in a website – it hides away in the HTML, so consumers don’t see it – all they see is a beautiful, relevant website. However, search engines need to understand if a piece of content is a phone number or a serial number. We make sure they know which is what.


According to Google, the Speakable language is still in Beta, but that hasn’t prevented us from applying it to our VoicePages. We are keen to give our subscribers the best chance of being found however consumers are looking and by keeping our site up to date with the latest innovations from market leaders, we believe we are doing just that.


Having consistent business listing information across many search engines, websites, directories and applications is critical in order for search engines to have confidence about your business. All our data partners provide a solution to have your business information accurate across various global and local directories and search engines (end points).

We take care of the foundations of SEO with the six elements above. We work with our clients on the remaining key elements to ensure the content of your VoicePage is on the money.


People tend to talk to a device like they do to another human being – they will ask a voice assistant a question just as they would a friend. Therefore by writing content in a manner that would be an answer to a question, you are making life easier for search engines. We wrap schema around snippets as well, which gives listing that extra SEO edge.


People trust reviews and ratings as much as they do their friends in today’s connected world. From a business perspective having a positive review and ratings online is essential as the majority of people will read these before engaging (even if they have been referred by a friend to your business). Search engines take reviews into account when returning results as well therefore it pays to be social.


Keeping it short and sweet is the best policy when writing content. Be precise and concise with your online information to give you the best chance to appear in search results relevant to your business. To ensure your content is optimized for voice search as well, include those long-tail keywords that sound more natural as opposed to shorter, snappier keywords that perform well in desktop SEO. Plus, keep phrases short and simple. Voice search results are typically written at a 9th grade reading level at most.


Blogs are more relevant than ever. Write them in such a way that they answer questions that people might be asking. You don’t need to be a prolific writer but we would encourage you to be an informative one. Answer the many questions that people would be asking if they were looking to utilise your products or services. That makes it easier for search engines to produce search results it believes are the most relevant to the consumers query.

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